Naylor’s job board platform attracts job seekers and qualified prospects, advances your member’s careers, and grows non-dues revenue.

Naylor’s job board platform requires no technical expertise from your association staff. They provide career advancement tools for your members as they navigate the job market during this difficult time and a revenue-earning hub for your association with a few clicks.


Naylor and we together decided to develop an easy-to-use modern job board platform that would facilitate various associations to generate NDR. Delivering a user-friendly job board platform that requires minimal to zero technical expertise is challenging.  

At last, our client wants an efficient solution to attract qualified prospects and better association’s member’s careers.


TransData created a job board platform for Naylor Association Solutions using technology, helping small, large, trade, professional, and every other type of association by providing career improvement tools and an improved earning hub.

With the portal, the association’s members can easily create a job board, navigate the job market, and earn from paid job postings.


Using the Naylor job board platform, an association can improve their brand awareness, connect and target the right audience at the right time, increase traffic to the websites, generate NDR, grow more business and generate better ROI.

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