In-Store Computer Vision Customer Behavior Analysis

Solution architecture designed with OpenCV and Real-time object detection.

Computer Vision


The first challenge: The AI consulting firm was asked to detect customer activity within the store, to facilitate the retailer as well as the shop owner.  

The second challenge: At the time of this project in 2016, MobileNet architecture for object detection didn’t exist. The consulting firm had to devise a solution to detect objects with increased bottlenecks and minimize loads in real-time video streaming. 

Computer Vision


A video camera was put in place which could track people walking in the store premises. Their gender and age categories could also be recorded. All of this was processed in real-time using a system that was located within the store. 

Computer Vision


Using this solution, the customer behavior, gender, and age were measured. These metrics became useful for the retailer and the store owner for making smarter marketing and customer service strategies. A cloud-based dashboard was put in place to collect and analyze the data for showing tangible results in visual form. 

Computer Vision Analysis


After the successful implementation of the system the client was able to extract valuable marketing insights through the detection and analysis of customer behaviors. 

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