An organization that does commercial and IT contracts for the government was in need of IT assistance.

Help Desk Security - Information Security

Finding and Solutions:

Their whole internal IT infrastructure was taken over by the information security professionals when they arrived. All of their IT systems were updated, and they secured their wireless infrastructure while rearranging their wireless network for both internal and external usage. They provided them with a help desk and remote user assistance access.

To lessen their dangers and weaknesses, the team—which also included different engineers, top management, and help desk staff—conducted constant security monitoring.

Help Desk Security - Information Security


A quarterly evaluation that analyzes various system components is conducted with them by the information security firm. In addition to having strategy meetings, the client may keep track of the technological aspect of their relationship.

The fact that the corporate office of the customer no longer receives calls about IT issues, however, is the real measure of the team’s effectiveness. 

Help Desk Security - Information Security


The team enters, identifies the needs, and works closely with them to allocate resources. Then they oversee the project from beginning to end using PMP-like procedures.

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What Happens Next?

  1. Our customer success manager will analyze your business requirements.
  2. We will sign an NDA to ensure your information security.
  3. Our pre-sale manager presents project estimates and approximate timeline