IT Solutions for Large Enterprises

With research-driven Digital Transformation services and IT solutions, TransData is your trusted Tech Enablement partner. We can assist you with building effective software solutions within the deadline. You get our 18-year expertise in delivering custom solutions to wide-ranging problems. We have unfolded our client’s exciting stories with our knowledge and latest platforms.

Software Solutions
for Enterprises

Internet of Things
Real Estate

Get mobile health, telemedicine, data solutions,
custom software solutions and more.

Get branded web/mobile application, comprehensive user analytics, Augmented Reality, In-store navigation, and Big Data.

IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, cloud technologies
and other main features.

Benefit from better security measures, credit scores adjustment
and fraud detection.

Get software solutions with AI & ML for data,
operational forecasts, and trends & predictions.

Impactful manufacturing solutions to help automate processes, build intelligent operations and reduce overheads.

Reliable monitoring solutions, latest tech, and features
to make transportation safe.

The Latest Tech


Add another aspect to your business by making an exceptional Virtual Reality experience that can leave a meaningful impact on your clients.


Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of the real physical world, provide new worth to your clients by adding an extra Augmented Reality layer to your business.


Enhance your business by streamlining necessary operations and cutting down costs with the help of Deep and Machine Learning algorithms.


Associate your gadgets in a protected environment that accumulates Big Data, assisting you with working on every essential activity and opening a significant level of usefulness.

Our clients

For over 17 years, TransData has been helping high profile companies and enterprise clients establish their brands around the globe.

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    3. Our pre-sale manager presents project estimates and approximate timeline