Importance of CX in business growth

Written by M Haseeb

Reaching consumers’ wants is at the top of any business’s target list in order to keep them as long-term loyalists. 

That is the most certain strategy to increase your company’s income. As you may well know, a delighted client is on the front lines of marketing your business through both online reviews and word of mouth. That is why you must invest extensively in enhancing your customer experience, particularly with the modern customer who is well-informed and expects nothing less than a quick, easy, and “cool” purchasing experience.

In layman’s terms, customer experience is a measure of how happy consumers are every time they interact with your goods or services, whether digitally or in your physical shop.

According to market research, a company with a great customer experience has a 17 percent better chance of increasing each year steadily than one with a bad CX strategy.

Some studies show that organizations with a faultless online customer experience have a 68 percent enhancement probability in terms of their internet reputation within a five-year timeframe. 

Furthermore, studies reveal that customers prioritize a company’s CX before making purchase decisions, as opposed to the past when quality and price influenced customer selections. That is why customer experience is important for every brand.

What is the importance of customer experience to business success?

When dealing with brands, customers go through multiple touchpoints. Mainly businesses strive to create a positive customer experience, and they often overlook a key touchpoint. Now, we’ll look at 4 main reasons why customer experience is important for business success.

  1. Boosting sales

According to research, satisfied customers lead to a 300% boost in income over 3 years. This is in stark contrast to an unhappy client base, which may cut your income by up to 14 percent in a single year.

These figures are too striking for business owners to overlook, especially given how simple it is to improve customer experience. To satisfy the consumer, all you need is to collect feedback from customers and use it to enhance your services.

Providing outstanding customer experiences guarantees that you have a high level of client loyalty and retention. The more devoted your customers are, the more they will buy your services. They also help promote positive recommendations about your company and bring in new clients via recommendations. All of these factors have a positive effect on your company’s revenue. Which business doesn’t desire to boost its profitability?

When it comes to client loyalty, Apple is a fantastic example. They manufacture excellent items and offer excellent customer service. They have some of the most devoted followers around the globe.

  1. Your opponent is eager to gain your loyal consumers.

Regardless of how long you’ve had a particular devoted customer, he or she will be enticed to depart for a better bargain elsewhere. Sadly, your rivals understand that loyal clients are the backbone of your whole organization, and if that backbone is compromised, your complete firm will collapse. 

If you want to win any of your competitor’s devoted clients, you, too, must be breathing down their neck. So, how can you protect your clients from poachers and effectively poach customers from competitors? It can only be done by providing the greatest possible customer experience.

  1. Excellent customer experience equals motivated staff

Firms that provide excellent customer experience have a better number of engaged employees than those that do not. They are more committed and loyal and can connect themselves with the brand’s aims. 

According to studies, firms with highly engaged employees beat competitors at around 147 pc. Employees that are highly engaged continually seek out and implement innovative methods to provide an amazing client experience.

  1. It is the starting point for brand awareness and social marketing.

A case of brand awareness occurs when pleased consumers use various social media platforms to promote a company and its services. That is a highly powerful advertising plan for any local and global company. The inverse is when unhappy consumers share unfavorable evaluations about a firm and its services to the point that many potential customers choose to purchase elsewhere.

Furthermore, with increased internet usage globally, regardless of socioeconomic position or age, the importance of positive online ratings cannot be overstated. They result in more social media shares and more internet website traffic, ultimately ranking your web appearance. 

Important Statistics on CX Investment

CX is important in terms of business growth. CX investment is increasing, and you may think that organizations seem to be more comfortable overspending on items that have no direct influence on CX or that support success teams are often the last to receive investment. Consider it again. 

According to a Forrester study, 71% of company and technology decision-makers believe that enhancing customer experience would be a top priority for investing in the coming year.

This is how businesses are investing in customer experience:

  • Companies would spend $641 billion on customer experience technology in 2022, up from $130 billion in 2019.
  • Eighty-one percent of marketers say that they compete mostly, if not totally, on the basis of customer experience.

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