Hardware Design

Benefit from fast, simple, budget-friendly, and small-size embedded systems.

Our Expertise

We ensure our clients get a smooth and memorable experience at every stage, whether it is design, development, integration, manufacturing, or demand fulfillment. Moreover, TransData handles all difficulties associated with integration into your current development stack for your absolute custom game plan and immaculate execution.

Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence for automation

Custom development

Different Processes to improve speed, process and battery life



Real-time app

Solutions for Quality control and Order fulfillment

What You Can Get?

Connected consumer products

Environmental sensors

Smart (and not so smart) wearables

Constrained sensor edge devices (class 0-2)

Health monitoring devices

Security cameras

Connected production facilities

Industrial / home automation controllers

Sports and activity trackers

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Our Clients

Successful Brands and Enterprises prefer our services.




Guidefi helps different women and communities of color to create, increase, and secure their wealth. They offer an extensive network of highly skilled financial professionals.

Our Expertise Over

Application-Specific Integrated Circuits

16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers

Custom I/O devices

Multiple kinds of sensors

Main communication protocols

Multimodal Human-Machine Interface

Receiving wire plan

Why Us?

IoT devices are incomplete without efficient embedded software algorithms. Impeccable hardware is a key element for software to work efficiently. The great and creative unison of these two makes clients experience passionate feelings for your products and become steadfast brand representatives. TransData has been proving solutions to multiple verticals for over a decade now, and our experts are continuously upgrading their knowledge with international certifications to provide the latest models to our clients. You do not have to worry about the implementation of your idea; our team is there to meet your requirements.
We know that all kinds of sensors address and control physical resources. They gather fundamental data about the environment, share it with the rest of the connected gadgets, or even settle on independent actions. Combining different algorithms and sensors design meaningful smart devices that create ease in human life.

IoT Application

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