Android Firmware Development

Use the huge potential outcomes of embedded Android OS on your devices.

Our Expertise

Get a smart hotel room system, digital kiosk device, snack and soda vending machine, and a robot guide for your workspace. Our experience in developing custom Android firmware allows us to solve complex issues. We can assist you in transforming your business idea into reality.

Custom Android OS Development

We have successfully delivered custom Android OS for different hardware. TransData team of engineers can assist you to outsource an embedded Android part, interlinking third-party applications, and use Android to the fullest.

Our Clients

Successful Brands and Enterprises prefer our services.




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Let Us Transform Your Business Idea into A Reality

Use Cases

Smart Hotel Solutions:

Across the board versatile smart rooms

Shrewd room application for visitors

Flexible gadget for staff

Business benefits:
1. One game plan that consolidates rich-included mobile tools for staff and guests, Big Data dashboards for senior management, facilitated support capabilities, product management.

2. Better user experience: visitors can use a branded application to control most amenities, order services, and access fundamental data.

3. Better employee productivity: Staff can get critical alerts, induction plans for the day in a rush, and talk with each other.

User-friendly store view::

Shrewd mirrors

Digital view of store

Setting empowered item inventories

Business benefits:
1. Significant insights into client demographics.

2. Better brand recognition with the help of updated technologies.

3. New and energizing method for introducing content.

Latest vending machines:

OS fulfilling your business needs

Touch screen interfaces with high responsiveness

Coordinated cameras

Business benefits:
1. Updated and attractive UX for users.

2. Demo on how the user will respond to UX and the time required to make a purchase.

3. Get a wide range of functions on many advanced platforms with fast and great flexibility.

Smart Television frameworks

1. Control your smart TV remotely.

2. Control all your screen processes.

3. Use special commands to restrict specific functions.

4. Connect your smart TV with your favorite CMS.

IoT Application

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