AI-Based Document Management

Improve your Title & Settlement operations efficiency

Intelligent Document Processing

IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solutions are important because they take unstructured business data and turn it into usable information. This is crucial for digital transformation, as often business data is located within unstructured formats like emails, images, PDF documents, and other business documents. Approximately 80% of all business data is unstructured.


    Benefits of RPA & AI

    In Document Management Workflows

    Reduce Cost

    of Full time equivalent human resources

    Speed Up

    Business operations

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    through fast, accurate, anytime responses


    Human energies on strategic tasks

    Eliminate errors

    with dependable software bots


    to volume fluctuations by controlling bots in action


    with chatbots to offer backend-frontend solution to customers


    seamlessly with other apps


    behavior according to situational requirements


    Record 2 Report goals

    Challenges Faced by Title Businesses

    With regards to document processing in Title business, a big portion of the work is done through unstructured formats. In addition to that, most of the work done is manual and time intensive. The processes through which each “Job” has to go through has a complex workflow.

    Each step of the workflow can be done in less time if the process is automated. From the perspective of stakeholders, customer service in this industry is also moving at a slow pace. Realtors & lenders are increasingly demanding faster, smoother service and improved communication.


    Reduced errors


    Reduced cost


    Reduced time

    Document Management Portal

    For Title companies, our document management portal uses the proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning based AI-model to compare executed closing documents with unexecuted documents. 

    The benefit is to automatically and quickly identify any mismatch or errors like the absence of pages, signatures or stamps in the executed documents.

    AI-Powered Document Processing

    Our document management system deploys an AI based “Document Type” detection system. PDF packages uploaded by the user are automatically segregated and each page in those documents is processed by the AI for analysis.

    Documents are then rearranged in client-specified order and new custom packages are created. The system will automatically create custom packages for each saved profile.

    Let’s Automate Your

    Document Management Process!