Mobile App Development

Delivering efficient and budget-friendly mobile app for startups and enterprise clients.

Experienced Tech Teams

Get a dedicated team of experts. Our technical knowledge and cutting-edge engineering expertise help rapidly scale your digital business.

Ecommerce UI/UX Design

Hire us to build a great user experience for your business. 

Ecommerce Website Development

Delivering every project as a unique solution. Hire professional tech talent and create a solid business foundation.

Hi-Tech Real Estate Solutions

Better your profit with the latest technologies for operational forecasts and trends & predictions.

Custom Healthcare Solutions

Hire us to get secure, updated, and reliable healthcare solutions.

Advanced Cybersecurity Services

Make your online payments, crucial data, and systems secure from intruders.

About us

We are a digital technology service provider and software development company that offers world-class technology solutions. We are helping top companies and enterprise clients solve complex problems that always emerge during their digital evolution journey. Since 2003, TransData has delivered top-notch solutions to the world’s leading businesses.


Productivity Apps

Organize your team, save time and set task priorities with our project management tools. TransData has partnered with “TEXTEXPANDER” and other leading products to serve our clients in a better way.

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BI And Marketing Analytics

Make an informed business decision by getting detailed insights of your business state with the help of graphs, charts, data from different marketing channels and reports.

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Quickly hire the right tech talent for your project with our certified experts. We will help you build, grow, integrate and migrate your e-commerce business.

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AI & Robotics Process Automation

Increase the productivity and retention rate and save cost with our cost-friendly Robotics Process Automation tools and AI solutions.

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Take advantage of our experts to get all your Healthcare and EdTech solutions. We provide services from development, UI/UX, security to support.

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Custom Software

We bring the latest development methodologies into action to rapidly build innovative technology solutions for you in a highly structured way.

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Data Science

Meet your demanding needs with our Data Science services that converge the latest tech with your business.

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Use the power of new FinTech to automate the delivery and use of your business financial services.

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Diagnose, monitor and protect your crucial data with the team of our certified ethical hackers.

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OUR Technologies

Professional IOS App Development

Recruiting a specialist iPhone application developer is the way to making a stellar IOS app. Custom app development requires specific abilities to complete your requirements within a dedicated time.

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Professional Android App Development

Android users are increasing all around the world, and the requirement for an efficient Android app is growing every day. You genuinely need services from our developers to create an impact on your audience.

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Windows Phone App Development

We build Windows Phone apps for various industries, and our developers have an immense amount of technical knowledge in developing customized applications.

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Hybrid Application Development

Give ease to your users by offering a reliable, responsive and user-friendly application that can help them navigate easily.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

TransData is remarkably positioned to assist you with the latest cloud computing solutions that allow your business to leverage resources.

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We can help you with MVP or a complete cross-platform application. We provide HTML5 based solutions according to your business requirements.

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OUR Industries


Get mobile health, telemedicine, data solutions, custom software solutions and more.

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Benefit from better security measures, credit scores adjustment and fraud detection.

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Reliable monitoring solutions, latest tech, and features to make transportation safe.

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Get branded application, comprehensive user analytics, Augmented Reality, In-store navigation, and Big Data.

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Real Estate

Get software solution with AI & ML for data, operational forecasts, and trends & predictions.

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Impactful manufacturing solutions to help automate processes, build intelligent operations and reduce overheads.

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    Our Process

    1. Our customer success manager will analyze your business requirements.
    2. We will sign an NDA to ensure your information security.
    3. Our pre-sale manager presents project estimates and approximate timeline